Multifaceted Edutainment with a Mystique…


The 48 Laws of Finesse by Mark Baker, is one of the most influential modern works on Finesse teachings. Critics and readers either love or hate it, there is no in between. Therefore the laws are accompanied with brief stories demonstrating The 48 Laws of Finesse in progress. The stories consist of reoccurring characters infused in situationships either using the laws to their advantage, or suffering the consequences for neglecting to do so.

There are only two kinds of people. Those who realize that you can refuse to play the game of “Finessing” and those who are aware that we live in a world that has the always present credo: “If you’re not playing you’re losing”

If you internalize just one book on relationships, this should be your pick. If you have a solid understanding of each and every law of The 48 Laws of Finesse you are looking at an almost unfair advantage in your involvement with your counterpart. Not only that, but this book acts as your shield against the manipulation attempts you are confronted with when dating.

Buy and read the book. Make sure these laws burn themselves right into your brain, for they might salvage your heart and save your relationship. I have to stress again how important rereading The 48 laws of Finesse summary list is. You may learn a lot more, if the information is beleaguering your mind, over and over again.

See The 48 Laws of Finesse for what they are. A useful tool in finessing your way into your desired position in a relationship. In a sinister way it may constitute as a savage’s playbook. The laws are amoral and can be used for the greater good of the person who matters the most…You!