Multifaceted Edutainment with a Mystique…

The 48 Laws

Law 1: Master the Art of Listening

Law 2: Don’t Ask Questions You Don’t Want to Answer

Law 3: Establish Boundaries and Keep Them

Law 4: Never Make Them a Priority When They Make You an Option

Law 5: Never Admit Your Guilt When There is a Possibility of Innocence

Law 6: Always Keep Secrets; The Truth is Too Unbearable

Law 7: Internalize That Love is Selfish

Law 8: Close The Door to Your “Ex-Partners” but Keep a Key

Law 9: Protect The Reputations of Your Friends; You Share That Reputation with Them

Law 10: Remember: They Never Forget

Law 11: You Can F-Up, As Long As You Do Not F-Down

Law 12: Make Sure That They Like You Before You Expose Your True Self

Law 13: Master The Art of Wordplay

Law 14: When In A Relationship, Stay Single As Long As Possible

Law 15: Keep Your Partner Aware of Your Perceived Nemesis

Law 16: Never Get Too Comfortable

Law 17: Be The Measuring Stick

Law 18: Stay in Your League or Create a New One

Law 19: Know Your Mojo, But Don’t Overexpose It

Law 20: Don’t Just Contribute, Be Needed

Law 21: Don’t Play Yourself Out

Law 22: If You Must Commit, Do It Kicking and Screaming

Law 23: Consistently Step Your Game Up

Law 24: Disregard Your Cheerleaders

Law 25: Subtly Influence Your Partner to Abide by Your Principles

Law 26: Keep Your Religion Handy

Law 27: Be Interchangeable

Law 28: Never Denounce Their Ex When You Are Just Getting Your Foot in The Door

Law 29: Don’t Be with The One You Love… Be with The One Who Loves You

Law 30: Be The Flame, Not The Moth

Law 31: Protect Home at All Cost

Law 32: Play to The Interest of Your Partner’s Friends and Family

Law 33: Control Your Emotions at All Costs

Law 34: Never Reveal All You Have to Offer at Once

Law 35: When You Get in Good, Annihilate the Ex-Factor

Law 36: Go Hard the First Time in Bed

Law 37: Learn to Live with Regrets

Law 38: When It Matters Least, Tell The Truth

Law 39: Sell Your Dreams at An Expensive Price

Law 40: Keep Your Expectations Known

Law 41: Adapt to Thinking in The Realm of the Absolute, Consider Everything

Law 42: Make Temporary Lay-Offs “Good Times”

Law 43: Never Go Out of Your Way to Ignore Other Attractive People

Law 44: Never Divulge Your Type

Law 45: When It Comes to Cheating, Cheat Monogamously

Law 46: Be Responsible for Your Own Protection and Cover-Up

Law 47: Control Your Communication Devices

Law 48: Brace Yourself: Payback Is Coming